Sri Shirdi Saiaba Sansthan of Tristates, 6299 Oak Grove Road, Newburgh, IN 47630, Ph 812-490-0021, 812-490-0014 email:
Membership Information
  • Annual Membership $365
    1. Members have the privilege to serve on any temple committees/ sub-committees.
    2. Members can vote in general body and voice their opinion on any temple issues.
    3. Only members are entitled to run for the office of the temple management.
    4. Monthly Gothranamarchana will be performed free of charge.

  • Life membership (Praanarchana Daata) $11,000
    1. All the benefits of the annual membership.
    2. Gothranamarchana on all the important temple festivities.

  • Perpetual membership (Saswata Daata) $25,000
    1. All the benefits of the Life membership.
    2. Benefit can be passed to one of the family members as designated by the member.

In order to discuss or want to get more details on the membership information - Please call us on 812.490.0021 or send email at

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