Sri Shirdi Saiaba Sansthan of Tristates, 6299 Oak Grove Road, Newburgh, IN 47630, Ph 812-490-0021, 812-490-0014 email:
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Sri Saidham is Shirdi of US as designated by Sri Sai. He pulled 3 founders and devotees from 3 states to put together mandir in 3 months under his instruction.

Sri Saidham is the abode of Sri Sai and Sri Matha Lalitha Thripura Sundari as the name specifies.

Sri Sai's outreach activities at Sri Saidham are many fold but are focused at two fold benefit of guiding devotees through comfortable life into liberation(Moksha) at the end. As he has received Bhiksha at devotee's door steps in Shirdi when he was with mortal body and performed pancha yagna's on their behalf to remove their sins he receives Guru Dakshina that's offered to him at Sri Saidham and spends it in pancha yagna's.

At Saidham, he shares his meal with visitors on daily basis in the form of mahanaivedya( Prasad), encourages Brahma Yagna with Gayathri and Rudram chanting, fecilitates deva yagna in the form of havans, promotes Bhootha Yagna in the form of Govu Samarakshana and reminds about pitra yagna in the form of sponsorship plaques in the memory of the ancestors.  
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