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  • Sai Siva Vishnu Dhyana Yoga Mandir
US Shirdi Sri Saidham was initiated by Sri Sai in 2013 and he gave initiation for Sri Sai Shiva Vishnu Dhyana Yoga Mandir which allows devotees from all over the United States and abroad to visit and meditate with Yogishwara Shiva and Yogeshwara Krishna.

Dhyana Yoga Mandir property acquisition is done and Mandir is set to open doors in 2017 for Shivarathri.

Sri Sai said that Meditation is essential for self-realization (Moksha).

Devotees can sponsor any amount of their choice to this beautiful Mandir

Gold Sponsorer:- $25,000 Plaque with devotee's picture and name

Silver Sponsorer:- $1008 Silver flower with devotee name

Bronze Sponsorer:- $501 Tile with Devotee name

Brick Sponsor:- $108

May the Baba Ji's blessings be always with you for assisting mankind in the path of Moksha.

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